11/13/19 - DIY Bulldog Care with Debra & Theresa - Part 1 : Starting at the top

11/13/19 - DIY Bulldog Care with Debra & Theresa - Part 1 : Starting at the top

Debra & Theresa are long time friends of mine, Bulldog rescuers and Bulldog Moms.

Debra's love for English Bulldogs began in 2004 when she rescued her first one. Since that time she has rescued, fostered, and placed bulldogs in their forever homes. She has been the mom of 3 bulldogs over the years.

Theresa has many years of experience in caring for Bulldogs.  She has been their when I have called for help in transporting a bulldog in need of a forever home. She  has been the mother to 7 bulldogs over the years.

Over the years they have researched bulldog care, health issues, learned through personal experiences, trial and error what works for maintenance. We're excited to share our collected experiences with all of you.

Join me, Debra and Theresa for the first part in an ongoing series on Bulldog DIY Maintenance Care*. This episode covers maintenence for the Ears, Eyes, Nose, Nose rope and starts the conversation on bathing. 

We purposely made this podcast short because you are going to listen to it over and over to get every bit of our collected parents of 11 bulldogs experiences.

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please remember, this discussion is based on what we have found as owners to work in the past and is not intended to be medical advice. Individual dogs may respond differently to what has worked for other dogs. If you dog needs medical assistance, please contact your local veterinarian.