Podcast Season 2 - Coming Soon!

Podcast Season 2 - Coming Soon!

Thanks everyone who listened to my podcast for Season 1.

I was lucky to include conversations with experts in the areas of Nutrition, Supplements, Behavior/Training and Day to Day Care.

I'm currently busy taping episodes for Season 2 which I'll be able to publish soon.

I have an exciting line up planned for this season with Experts and Medical Professionals to share their knowledge on topics such as Dog Ophthalmology, Homeopathy, and other important medical topics. I'll also include more tips and topics on ways to enhance your pup's life to give them the best life possible.

If you haven't heard all of the episodes from last season yet, please use the links below to access our library of podcasts on your favorite site.

Thanks again for listening and your support. Remember, if you have questions or comments, feel free to email me at bullobster@gmail.com

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