Dr. Harvey's Canine Health Miracle Dog Food, Human Grade Dehydrated Base Mix for Dogs with Organic Whole Grains and Vegetables (5 Pounds)

Dr. Harvey's Canine Health Miracle Dog Food, Human Grade Dehydrated Base Mix for Dogs with Organic Whole Grains and Vegetables (5 Pounds)

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Brand: Dr. Harvey's


  • Canine nutrition you can see and smell; canine health is a base mix used to effortlessly create balanced, homemade meals for your dog--known to improve your dog's kidney health
  • 100% human-grade dog food packed with real food including 9 dehydrated vegetables, crushed eggshells, and 6 organic grains without preservatives, dyes, chemicals, and fillers
  • Homemade dog food made easy; preparing canine health only takes minutes, simply rehydrate with hot water and add your own raw meat--top off with Dr. Harvey's Fish Oil for Dogs and Dr. Harvey's Kidney Health Supplement for a complete meal
  • Feeding your dog real, nutrient-dense whole foods has been shown to improve your dog's digestion, increase energy, a shinier coat, less itchy skin, and less smelly stools
  • This 5 pound bag of dehydrated whole foods makes 33, one pound finished meals for your dog

Publisher: Healthy Formulations, Inc.

Details: Canine Health is a pre-mix holistic blend of six organic grains and nine dehydrated vegetables for your dog. Simply add hot water, meat, and oil for a complete, hearty meal for your canine companion. Our miracle organic dog food is made with all natural, 100% human grade ingredients and is proudly made without dyes, chemicals, nor preservatives. Canine Health makes homemade dog food easy for pet parents and is ideal for all dogs' nutritional needs.

Why Switch to Canine Health?
- Diet is perhaps the most important aspect to maintaining a dog's health and longevity. Dog parents switch to Canine Health to improve their dog's vitality, digestion, and appetite and to relieve allergy symptoms, skin irritation, and chronic itching.

Feed Your Dog Fresh, Real Food Every Day
- You add the source of protein, so you know it is fresh. Because Dr. Harvey's is NOT PROCESSED, your dog can easily absorb the nutritional value of the organic grains, vegetables and fresh protein.

Why Feeding Canine Health is the Right Choice for Your Dog:
- Only the finest Ingredients Natural Ingredients with Certified Organic Grains
- No Preservatives, No Dyes, No Artificial or Synthetic Ingredients
- Makes Home-Cooking Easy and Balanced
- You control the fat and calorie content by adding yourself
- Can be made with Raw or Cooked Fresh Protein
- Fresh food has been shown to help Sensitive Stomachs and can be helpful as part of a Weight Management Program

Preparing fresh food for your dog may sound time consuming and difficult. But in fact, it takes just minutes a day and it's worth it.

- Step 1: Add hot water to Canine Health.
- Step 2: Let sit for 8 minutes
- Step 3: Add your choice of raw or cooked protein. (beef, poultry, fish, eggs etc.)
- Step 4: Add your choice of oil. (flax, borage, olive, sesame oil, Dr. Harvey's Health and Shine, etc.)

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