GROOM Pet Bathing Tablets for Dogs, Cats & Horses.pH Natural Shampoo & Odor Eliminator

GROOM Pet Bathing Tablets for Dogs, Cats & Horses.pH Natural Shampoo & Odor Eliminator

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  • Deeply-Penetrating Coat Cleanse - These natural pet body wash tablets use sodium bicarbonate and citric acid to gently and safely wash away dirt, grime, oils and odors.
  • Protect Hair and Skin Health - Used regularly GROOM bathing tablets for pets can help combat yeast infections, hot spots, dry skin, folliculitis, cysts, and even hair loss.
  • Gentle, Effective Versatility - GROOM natural pet shampoo tablets remove chlorine from bath water, won't sting the eyes, and can be used safely on dogs, cats, or horses.
  • Superior to Harsh Soap - Much like a cleansing bath bomb, citric acid and natural additives give pets a deeper clean leaving them odorless, calm and with shinier fur.
  • Natural, Pet-Friendly Support - Our pet shampoo bathing tablets don't create soapy suds, are paraben, SLS, fragrance, and colorant free, and are gentle on fur and skin.

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Make bath time with your four-legged friend easier, keep them cleaner, and improve their coat and skin health with GROOM Bathing Tablets.

Whether you’ve got an indoor or outdoor pet, caring for their skin and coat health is essential to keeping them free of cysts, hot spots, dry skin, and even yeast infections. That’s why we created a smarter, more natural solution for removing built-up mineral deposits, oils, and grime around their hair follicles—GROOM Bathing Tablets.

Designed specifically for cats, dogs, and horses, our pH-Neutral cleansing solution uses a patented sodium bicarbonate and citric acid blend that dissolves in warm water to help remove chlorines that can damage follicles and keep impurities from being stripped away. Like a natural bath bomb we humans use, these cleansing tablets work to lift away dirt and grime to leave them feeling cleaner and smelling better from their cute little noses to the tips of their tails.

Product Details:

  • Washing and Bathing Tablets (Soap and Shampoo Free)
  • Crafted with Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid
  • Gentle Removes Minerals, Grime, and Odors
  • Helps Clean Dog and Cat Hair Follicles
  • Gentle on Sensitive Coats, Skin, and Paws
  • Paraben, SLS, Colorant, and Fragrance Free
  • Available Pack Sizes: 12, 30, or 100 Tablets


Keep your pet’s coat and skin cleaner and healthier with natural bathing tablets that help wash away germs, minerals, dirt, and grime by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above to get GROOM today!

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