JULIUS-K9 | IDC-Belt Harness | Size: 1 | Chest Measurement: 25-33,5

JULIUS-K9 | IDC-Belt Harness | Size: 1 | Chest Measurement: 25-33,5"/63-81 cm | Blue

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Brand: JULIUS-K9

Color: Blue

Publisher: JULIUS-K9

Details: The IDC belt harness's new Color & Gray collection was created in 2015, As an addition to its known ergonomically optimized design new qualities were added to the product, in terms of improved comfort, To ensure this, the edges of the straps were rounded and thickened, Color & Gray color scheme and designs are protected by industrial design rights, The collection offers accessories to everyday dog owners and for professionals as well, The high-quality buckles of an IDC belt harness are permanently tested and checked, This careful attention worth especially in wintertime: these buckles work perfectly and don't break even in frosty weather, The handle part is fixable by hook and loop fastener on every belt harness, so the dog can run freely without any possibilities of being stuck, NOT FOR TIE-OUT! PATENT OFFICE REGISTRATION NUMBERS: EU 002743013-0001, EU 002858928-0001, EU 002886861-0005, EU 002886861-0006, EU 002886861-0007, EU 14860878

EAN: 5999053662639

Package Dimensions: 14.2 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches