Julius-K9 IDC-Powerharness With Reflective Julius-K9 Labels Dog Harness - Custom labels available - soft yet very strong, renowned for the comfort and fit - easy on - no pull harness - 15 colors in 8 fully adjustable sizes for the perfect fit - widely use

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Brand: Julius-K9

Color: woodland


  • Julius K9 IDC Powerharness, Military, Size: Baby 2
  • Only the small label is suitable for this size!
  • Flashlight mounting is not available for this size
  • Certified Quality
  • 600 different removable Velcro labels

Publisher: Julius-K9

Details: "IDC Powerharness, Size: Baby 2 description:
Ergonomic Perfection through Innova Dog Comfort Design- See why working dogs all over the world prefer a well designed and fitting harness. Your dog is going to love wearing it!
You can quit pulling and tugging on your poor dogs neck, what is also bad for their back. This harness is easy to handle and is not as complicated as other harnesses. You just pull the power harness over the the dog's head and klick in the power buckle, that's quality is unrivaled and will last for years, used by most of the European Police, Schutzhund, armed services, working dogs, and agility atheletes. The Handle on top can be used to lift the dog into a car or lift the front of the dog etc.The chest belt, edges, and the Julius-K9 tags are reflective. There is a loop on top for a mini flashlight, great for nightime walks.
Sizing is easy, fully adjustable reflective chest belt, and fully adjustable girth belt, make the perfect fit from the tiniest Chihuahua to the Biggest Mastiffs. Highest quality is certified by independent crash test. The buckle of the product has opened at 300 kg, but the harness itself did not break.
- Baby 1: Girth: 11.4 - 14.15 inches Weight: 1.75 - 6.6lbs (no flashlight mounting is available for this size)
- Baby 2: Girth: 13 - 18 inches Weight: 4.4 - 11lbs (no flashlight mounting is available for this size).
- Mini-mini: Girth: 15.75 - 21 inches Weight: 8.8 - 15.5lbs (no flashlight mounting is available for this size).

EAN: 5999053616144

Package Dimensions: 6.1 x 6.1 x 0.9 inches