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The Bulldog Butler - Dog Cooling Towel

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The Bulldog Butler is proud to introduce our Cooling Towel!

We know our pups can overheat so easily. Keeping them cool year round - not only in the summer - can be a challenge without the right product to help.

Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Fabric measuring 40" x 12" and available in 3 great colors made from: 55% Nylon 45% Polyester. It's for all pups, but we made it big enough to fit around the neck of Bulldogs and other large dogs.

These towels only need water to activate and immediately get cool to help your pup.

Each towel has our Patent Pending design to help keep the towel in place even when moving around, while not getting stuck if the towel is snagged in any way. The unique design allows it to just pull apart and release, letting your pup move away without any potential choking harm.

We've even included a convenient pouch to store your towel in and it comes with a matching carabiner so it can attach to your leash and always be right there when needed.

SHIPPING INCLUDED in Contiguous US..... In you live outside send a message to us for shipping rates. please include color and quality and your shipping info for us to give an accurate shipping price.